Book Summary : Eat that frog

Book Summary : Eat that frog

21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time

Today I completed Eat that frog book on audible. Here are the key points from the book:

  • Organize your workplace to have clean desk
  • Always keep to do list for next day, week and long term goals.
  • Tag the task with priority or importance
  • Different lists for different purposes
  • There are high value and low values tasks. You should pick high values tasks first which have higher impact. 80/20 rule plays here – 20 % efforts translates in to 80% of results
  • Focus on 20% of activities, goals which would give 80 % of results
  • Think long term – always think if how current action have impact on long term goal
  • There is no enough time to do everything but there is enough time to do important thing
  • Practice creative procrastination – deliberately and consciously procrastinate small tasks
  • Prioritize your tasks in must and should categories
  • Never stop learning – continuous learning is minimum requirement for any success

My action points for daily schedule

  1. Write tasks every day for next day, week and months.
  2. Prioritize tasks with time required and importance